2 More New Editorial Briefs: “How To… Be Conceited” And “How To… Undo Things”

The first  article is “How to… be conceited “by Guy Browning. In it describes the annoyance experienced by anyone who is unlucky enough to know person with a severe case of self-love and adoration. These kinds of people can only think of themselves  and are the center of their own worlds.
In my illustration I want to show that a conceited person is constantly their chosen subject of conversation and that they have a tendency for extreme amounts of vanity.

So here is some original line work

the character and her speech bubble, i want to show that she’s always talking about herself

I’ll have more sketches to put here later after I scan them.

Here is composition and the first application of colour

The second article is “How to… undo things” written by Guy Browning. In this one he talks about the difficulties in taking back mistakes we may make in life and how convenient it would be to have the use of ctrl + Z in real life.
Here’s a bit of line work
and here with some colour

admittedly these don’t look too good so far, trust me, they’ll get better.


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